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Jokkmokk is a natural meeting place for Sámi people from all over Sápmi. Since 1605 – for more than four hundred years – the colourful Jokkmokk market has been celebrated annually, starting on the first Thursday in February. This warm celebration features cultural activities and amazing culinary experiences right in the coldest midwinter weather. The market attracts tens of thousands of international visitors. You won’t be able to find these genuine food experiences anywhere else. The town is a centre for Sámi culture, with unique knowledge about the natural resources of the region: game meat, featuring reindeer is its biggest star, berries, herbs and exclusive fish.

The founder of the intimate floating glass room fell in love with Jokkmokk and his Sámi wife more than 10 years ago. Trained as a mountain guide in Austria this was the perfect place to settle down to create a family and enjoy mountain life. Five years ago he lost his beloved Anna-Maria to cancer and was left alone with his two daughters Maja 2 and Helga 5 years old. Peace & quiet hotel is their new way into the future, Björn's way to take care of his daughters future.

Discover the seasonal experience in the norther annual cycle.
Swedish Lapland is the rolling hills and the roaring rivers. The vast woodlands and rural romance. But foremost, from the mountains to the sea, it is the perfect place for an adventure

Your Floating Glass Room is welcoming you cosy and warm to enjoy wild arctic nature, northern lights, and clear starry sky without freezing your bones to ice. Experiencing mother Aurora is a spiritual meeting between yourself and the universe. It ́s a feel-good time of tranquility. Outside you can enjoy snow by skiing, snowshoeing, husky ride or reindeers and wildlife. You can master ice fishing.

It provides you with the ultimate accommodation right on the fishing spot. In the case of overpowering arctic weather,you can continue fishing in the warmth of your room through fishing hole located in the floor.

It could be locatedwhere you would like to be since it can be driven around the river like a boat. You can enjoy midnight sun on one of the thousands of lakes. You can take a swim from your own floating glass room, enjoy water sports around the lake or try hiking or biking on paths through the arctic nature.

The first weeks of september is the reindeer slaughter season before the bulls start mating Elk hunting is almost as popular as the Olympic games, almost all families want to fill the frezzers before winter. Visiting birds from Africa starts to think its to cold and moves south. Some animals changes there camouflage to more white. The stars starts to light up and we accept that the autumn is here.

Jokkmokks pristine natural environment also produces a bounty of wild game meat and edible wild and harvested plants, mushroom and berries. Local produce that appears regularly on the menu at the Aurora igloohotel include singing-fresh fish, reindeer and elk, foraged wild mushrooms c and the gold of Lapland,cloundberries. Local wild and sustainably produced ingredients feature in a dining experience that offers a taste of Laponias natural beauty.

Read about our Slow food Sápmi Philosophy.

....who have lived in the area since the last iceage ended some 8000 years ago. Aurora Igloohotel is located in the Jåhkågasska tjiellde Sámi community where guests can visit and learn more from the reindeer herders. Aurora Igloohotel and the reindeer herders have fostered a friendship-based partnership built on a mutual desire to honour, celebrate, protect and educate guests about the region’s natural and cultural heritage.

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