Peace & Quiet Nature Hotel

Outdoor Dine

A celebration every evening, the three-course dinner features the very best of the region’s produce. You will have a culinary journey through local products such as raindeer meat, award-winning artisan cheeses from the world ́s rarest cows in Vuollerim. It is the Nordic origin native breed, which is almost completely extinct. We accompany the cheese with natural sirops from pine tree and cloudberry. Sami bread and traditional coffee cheese for dessert are just few examples of the products Peace and Quiet Hotel offers for dinner.

A season-led, daily changing lunch menu features Laplandic style cuisine. Lunch at Peace & quiet hotel is designed to fit in easily around an action-packed day of adventures or one spent lounging on the reindeer skin on the river. Highlights include Souvas kebab made from tenderly Goahte smoked reindeer meat with organic lingonberry sauce.

Breakfast at Peace & quiet hotel is designed to give you the nutrients you need for a day in the outdoors. Highlights on the menu include homemade Gáhkku, which is a flat Sami bread, served with Sjaunja cured reindeer meat, salty butter and some veggies. On the other side you have a creamy yoghurt from the local mountain cows in Skabram which we recommend to mix with the foraged gold of Lapland, the cloudberries. You could also add to it the cereals. A piece of fruit and a homemade juice made of local products such as lingonberry or bilberry will also be provided.

Liberté is our exclusive guest, a brewed coffee and roasted with wood fire in Italy and brewed with water from the arctic in Sweden.

After a while, you will hear a familiar voice rising within your mind, there the journey begins.

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